Moonshine (season 1){Korean series}

Nam Young is a professional inspector from Saheonbu who has left his hometown for the sake of his family honor, and he controls illegal liquor manufacturers. Young is good looking young man who keeps his straight posture like bamboo, and he is a true blue man who values integrity and honesty the most in his life. Meanwhile, Ro Seo is a daughter of a poor noble family, and therefore she has no choice but to make liquor illegally to pay off her family debt. Unlike her classy appearance, she would do anything she could to make money. These two young people from completely different backgrounds happen to live under the same roof, and their chaotic housemate life begins.

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 EPISODE 1(Alcohol Prohibition)

Nam Young travels all the way to Hanyang to take the civil service examinations and runs into Ro Seo, who is in trouble as usual. Ro Seo works all day and night to earn a living and take care of her older brother, Hae Soo. However, to make things worse, Hae Soo only accumulates more debt, and Ro Seo runs into an illegal liquor store on her way to meet the creditor.


EPISODE 2(Liquor in a Wagon)

Ro Seo has no choice but to let Young rent one of the rooms at her house since she can make some money out of it. Furthermore, she even brews liquor with Geum secretly to pay off her debt quickly. She comes up with the idea of running a mobile bar so they can run away when the inspectors are out. However, living with Young, she is sitting on pins and needles every day.


EPISODE 3(Buddha's Birthday)

Young is familiar with the moonshiner's eyes but cannot figure out who it was. Therefore, Ro Seo gets anxious and decides to kick him out of her home. Meanwhile, all of the liquors from Merchant Sim are confiscated as the wood ice storage is discovered by Young. Ro Seo takes this chance to sell the liquors she made to Un Sim from Giringak on Buddha's Birthday.


EPISODE 4(The Petition)

Young is deeply disappointed in Ro Seo as he finds out about her secret moonshine business. However, she saves him from the sword fight between the Crown Prince's guards and Sang Mok's gang. After that night at the apothecary shop, Sang Mok is gone missing, and Young is desperate to find him alive, so is Merchant Sim. Furthermore, Geum comes back to Ro Seo with even bigger trouble.


EPISODE 5(Ro Seo Meets Un Sim)

Ro Seo tries to save Sang Mok, but unfortunately, he falls off the cliff, and even worse, he runs away from the scene. Both Young and Ro Seo blame each other for ruining their plan. Young tries to find a solution that does not push Ro Seo into more trouble. However, Ro Seo already feels sorry for putting Young in a difficult situation, so she decides to take care of it on her own.


EPISODE 6(The Daughter Of The Minister Of War)

Fortunately, Ro Seo gets away with the kidnapping incident as Sang Mok can't remember anything due to his injuries. Meanwhile, Young must marry Ae Jin as their fathers have decided, and both Ro Seo and Young realize that they have feelings for each other. However, Ro Seo starts to avoid him to get over him, and Young can't stop thinking about her, especially when Pyo is around her.


EPISODE 7(Before the Summer Ends)

Thanks to the help of Pyo, Ro Seo was able to get away from Young's interrogation. However, Young is still suspicious of her, and therefore, he asks Chun Gae to follow her around to find out who saved him. Meanwhile, Young's father wants to rush the wedding before summer ends, but Young's feelings for Ro Seo only gets deeper and deeper.


EPISODE 8(Wagons to Giringak)

Young finally catches the real culprit who killed Gang San and raided the forge. At the same time, Young notices that he has the same scar as the man he saw at Mangwol Temple when he was little. Meanwhile, Ro Seo and Geum brew liquor for Un Sim with Lady Park as promised. However, they have to get past the inspection at Sungnyemun to deliver them to Giringak.


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